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About Your Army Instructor

Greetings Cadets,

My name is Sergeant Harden and I am the instructor of the JROTC program at the High School for Law and Justice. My 20 plus years of experience with coaching, teaching, and mentoring to assist our Cadets in becoming better citizens in the greater Houston community.


 For the past three years, I have had the privilege to mentor students in building critical life and leadership skills at HSLJ. I take pride in helping aspiring students pursue and achieve goals for their future. 

About Your Senior Army Instructor

Greetings Cadets,

I am the senior army instructor, Major Welch, for the High School for Law and Justice JROTC program. Your AI and myself will work together to ensure our cadets learn the values of good citizenship in the outside world.


This will be my first full-year working with HSLJ JROTC program. I look forward to each and every cadets growth.

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