Meet Your Staff


My name is Javier Barba and I will be your Battalion Commander for this year. My goal for this year is to make it as fun as possible for the cadets.

MAJ. Javier Barba (BC)


Hello, I am Karina De La Torre and I am your Command Sergeant Major. This year I will help provide guidance to the cadets and supporting our staff. I hope this year can be fun and engaging for all cadets.

CSM De La Torre (CSM)


Hi, I'm Daniel Russell, I am your XO. This school year I will be helping to maintain and improve the JROTC program. I sincerely wish for a meaningful and productive school year.

CPT. Daniel Russell (XO)


Hi  I’m Jayda Thomas. I am your S1 and I make sure every one is accounted for on the JUMS website.

1LT Jayda Thomas (S-1)


Hey, I'm Miguel De Leon and I'm an S2. This year I will be maintaining and preserving the JROTC armory. I hope to have a productive, happy, and fun school year.

SGT Miguel De Leon (S-2)


Hello, I’m Robert Jackson and I will be your S3 for this year. My duties will include the weekly submission of training schedules for the unit and helping with any events that are being planned. I truly hope that this year will be an interesting and fulfilling experience for everybody!

 SSG Robert Jackson (S-3)


My name is Donatella Marin. I'm your S-4. I will be handling uniform distribution collection for this year. "Every day is a second chance."

SGT Donatella Marin (S-4)


Hey I'm Crystal Estrada, I'm your  S-5. This I'm working to maintain our JROTC media presence. Hope we can have a happy and productive school year.

2LT Crystal Estrada (S-5)

commpany commander1.jpg

Hi, I’m cadet Brandon Antoine, I’m a company commander for the 21-22 school year. This year I will be working close with the students to better understand what this course is about. Let’s have a great school year and work hard.

Brandon Antoine (Company Commander)

commpany commander2.jpg

Hi, I’m Yari Duenas, i am one of the Company Commanders for this school year. This year i'm working to help cadets and build their confidence. Hope we succeed behind a fun and exciting school year.

Yari Duenas (Company Commander)